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Water Well Inspection

A well inspection is often required by mortgage lenders to determine if your system are operating properly when purchasing a new home. Having your well inspection and water testing done once a year also gives you piece of mind and helps you plan for upcoming expenses. Water Well Inspection Houston TX

77 Water Well has developed many specialized techniques that allows us to thoroughly evaluate your system. When we perform an inspection of a well, we will take a water sample and submit it to a local testing lab.

Here is a brief list of items that we exam as part of the well inspection and what you can expect from us.

(Cost is $425 for well inspection with water testing for Coliform and E-coli)

  • Collection of water samples for analysis in our state certified lab
    • Coliform and e-coli bacteria tests performed
    • Additional testing per the request of buyer or lender
  • Inspection of well for visible code compliance
    • Setback distances are met or exceeded
      • Required separation distances listed in State Code
    • Casing height above grade, thickness, and condition
    • Well cap: Ensure proper seals, vents, screens, overflows, and gaskets are on the well head
  • Ensure proper well and pump operation
    • Quantity of water the well or well pump is able to produce
  • Educate all parties on upkeep and proper maintenance of well system


Water Well Inspection Request Form

Please contact us out the form below to the best of your ability regarding the property in need of well inspection.

If you would rather call, than fill out the form, please call 281-456-4556 or email us at to schedule an appointment.

Who should we contact to schedule the date and time of inspection?
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