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Franklin Electric Subdrive Pumptec

Cycle power – Wi-Fi radio can only be connected within the first 15 minutes of power up. ƒ

The FE Connect light will illuminate solid to indicate that a connection is available. ƒ

Open the Wi-Fi connection settings on the mobile device you wish to use to connect to the drive. ƒ Select the “FECNCT_XXXXX” hotspot (“XXXXX” is the end portion of the serial number of the drive being connected to). ƒ

The FE Connect light on the drive will flash to indicate that a connection is being made.

Only one (1) mobile device can be connected to a drive at any given time. ƒ

After making a successful connection, launch the FE Connect App on your mobile device.

App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play depending on the device being used. ƒ


This connection will stay active until the connection is broken or device is out of range. ƒ Connection can be re-established for up to one hour following a disconnection.

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