Testing Your Water

My Water Well Tested Positive For E-Coli

If your well tests positive for E. coli, you should boil the water for at least one minute at a rolling boil before drinking it. You may also disinfect the well according to procedures recommended by your local health department.

After disinfection, you can monitor your water periodically to make certain that the problem does not recur. If the contamination is a recurring problem, you should install a point-of-entry disinfection unit, which can use chlorine, ultraviolet light, or ozone, or Sterilene..

Testing Your Water For E-Coli


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Water Testing After The Flood

chp8wdmu4aahfo1We have been overloaded that past couple of weeks testing water. Most of the tests are coming back positive for e-coli and bacteria.

This is at a higher average rate than normal. Usually, in most cases, chlorinating your well will kill any bacteria in your water.

The lab has communicated to us to tell our customers to NOT DRINK the water until this process has been completed. Once the well is chlorinated, you will need to wait 7-10 days and retest.

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Rainwater Safe to Drink?

Is collected rainwater safe to drink? Does it have to be inspected or tested before being used?

Collected rainwater is generally safe to drink after treatment. As rain falls through the atmosphere and on to the catchment surface it may pick up microbial and chemical contaminants and particulate matter. These contaminants must be removed before the water is used. Currently, there are no federal or state water quality standards for harvested rainwater.

However, appropriate county health department and city building staff should be contacted for local testing requirements prior to using rainwater for drinking purposes.

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